About us

Who is Zealous MFG:

Zealous MFG is a small family owned manufacturer located Milwaukee, WI. 

Have you ever wanted to improve the way something was done? Take your idea and bring it to market? Build something just to see it come to life?......So have we. It is what drives us to constantly push our limits. 

To better understand who you're working with I want to introduce you to myself: Justin Webb (Owner & Founder of Zealous MFG LLC). I have always wanted to make or improve things in everyday life. It started with cars, bicycles and anything mechanical. Fast forward to high school, I couldn't sit in a classroom and absorb information that seemingly held little value to everyday life. I attended 3 classes every day; woodshop, metal shop & architectural drafting. When my high school added auto shop as an elective I was told I couldn't take it because I was seen as a "troubled student".  Day 1 of junior year in high school I voluntarily dropped out of high school. It wasn't for me!

Fast forward, 1X GED, 8 years of college (for an undergraduate degree.....yup just like Tommy Boy) and many years of manufacturing later, here I am. 

I set out with the vision to bridge a gap, Engineers & Manufacturing are often seen together, however there is a divide between, hourly manufacturing personnel & salary Engineering professional roles....I want to change that!

Taking my shop floor experiences (remember: high school drop out) & my engineering background I am working to blend the two together. What happens when you blend those two? Innovation, quality products, efficient processes & production.....That is what Zealous MFG is all about, helping you create ideas, products, machines, and, processes. 

We specialize in Designing for Manufacturing (DFM) and help the clients understand what we can do to make a product more manufacturable, or help reduce the cost to allow the product to become sellable. From there we offer the option to take your design and have it made, we offer prototype and production machining services. You can also take the design and explore other manufacturers with the peace of mind that it is a well thought out concept. 

Our Vision:

Zealous MFG LLC was founded on a strict set of core values; customer service, dedication, & passion!

We strive for for perfect customer service no matter what the cost. If something is not correct we won't stop until the issue is fixed!

Dedication to our customers is why we started Zealous Manufacturing! We're here to help you! No matter if its a big sale small sale or you just need help figuring something out, we dedicate our time into helping and serving you! 

Passion is what drives us everyday! Seeing our customers happy with the product or service they receive helps us go further everyday! Passion is what drives the long nights and weekends making sure your products are perfect!