7 Spot Air Tool Holder

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The worst problem to have is to constantly be shuffling items around a work bench or work surface to look for the item you just had, am I right?
Air tools can often take up space and be pushed into a corner or drawer where they take up very valuable space. I was asked to whip up a air tool holder for my friend over at Nicks Blasting & Polishing and got to thinking, geez I nee d something similar, so I whipped up a simple solution for myself and thought how convenient it was to have air tools in a dedicated spot that allowed them to be oiled without having to find something to prop them up!
So here is a simple holder for everyday use!
  • CNC Laser Cut from HRPO 1/8" Steel
  • CNC Formed for accuracy
  • Coated Black or left raw for your customizability!
Interested in one with you logo or customized, shoot us an email to discuss your options!